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Announcement of environmental impact assessment of the technical renovation project of the annual production line of 2500 tons of brazing materials
The chain is generally a metal link or ring, which is mostly used for mechanical transmission and traction. Chain-shaped objects used to obstruct traffic passages (such as at the entrance of streets, rivers or harbors), chains used for mechanical transmission. Nowadays, industrial chains are used in many places in construction machinery. It can be said that industrial chains make the machinery more portable and flexible. Next, the editor recommends several high-quality industrial chain brands for your reference.
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Dry goods! How to maintain the harvester chain during the slack time?
Because the chain is dusty during the work, it is easy to be covered with oily sludge, which affects the transmission. It should be cleaned regularly. You can clean it in gasoline first, then soak it in engine oil for about 30 minutes, remove the drip and dry it before use. At the end of each season, the chain should be unloaded and immersed in oil, then coated with butter and placed in a dry place. The sprocket should be scrubbed clean with gasoline or diesel oil and coated with butter to prevent rust. When installing the chain, the chain should be wrapped around the sprocket first, and then the chain pin should be inserted. When inserting, it should be threaded from the inside to the outside, so that the connecting plate can be installed and locked from the outside. It should also be kept tight and not loose, and there is a certain amount of good activity. room. When disassembling
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