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Jinhua double loop high performance welding materials provincial high and new technology research and development center

Jinhua 2-ring brazing material co., LTD always think "science and technology is the first productivity, innovation is the inexhaustible power enterprise development". Air company and nanjing university in December 2009, a total of empty space between the established a full range of production, study and research technical cooperation, and established the jinhua city, zhejiang province double loop brazing materials research and development center. The research and development center is the collection of new products, new technology, new materials research and development; Enterprise technology innovation strategy and technology development strategy decision-making consultation; Enterprise technology innovation system construction: to production-teaching-research combination and external cooperation and communication; Enterprise technology innovation talents training five big function in the integration of enterprise scientific research institution.

Technology center of existing research and development center office and lab area of about 900 ㎡, technology research and development strength. Technical personnel, complete test instrument, equipment is complete. The existing all kinds of technical personnel 18 people, all have a college degree or above. Inspection personnel are through professional training and show certificates. Has each kind of test test equipment more than 10 sets. The perfect management system. Can finish the complete inspection of brazing materials. In addition, the center Yun ordered all kinds of special academic journals, academic exchange is frequent, and use the Internet to find all kinds of information collection, fast and convenient, information sources and provides a good platform for technical work. Since r&d centers, the company has already declared a number of invention patents, including four authorized, and bear the include: national small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund project, jinhua city, zhejiang province new product trial production projects, industrial science and technology research key project, a number of research projects.

Company will in the later development process, always adhere to market-oriented, and constantly strengthen the construction of technical center, give full play to the technology center of use function, increase the development of new products, new technology, new technology, develops the market with new products and establish a sound marketing network, improve the industry market share, rely on scientific and technological progress and improve the staff overall quality as starting point, constantly promote the new product development and technical innovation work. For domestic and foreign customers to provide more secure and reliable quality products.